Catalytic oxidehydration of glycerol to acrylic acid

Donglong Hua, Xiaoyu Zhuang, Dongshen Tong, Weihua Yu, Chun Hui Zhou⁎ Catalytic oxidehydration of Glycerol to acrylic acid, Progress in Chemistry. 2016 , 28 (2) :375-390
Abstract:This article deals with the recent research and development on catalytic oxidehydration of glycerol into acrylic acid in a single reactor. The biorenewable glycerol as a platform chemical for the production of acrylic acid is introduced. The reaction parameters such as temperature, contact time, partial pressure of oxygen and glycerol concentration in the gas-solid systems and the liquid-solid systems are examined. The catalytic performances of oxide composites and molecular sieve-supported catalysts in a single-bed system and a double-bed gas-solid system are discussed. The catalysts include V-P, Fe-P, W-V, Mo-V, CsPW-Nb, VMo-SiC oxide composites, V2O5/BEA and V2O5/MFI. The postulated reaction mechanisms and probable side reactions in the gas-solid system are presented, followed by the discussion on the issues of catalyst deactivation and regeneration. Then the catalytic characteristics of Cu/SiO2-MnO2 and POM/Al2O3 catalysts and the reaction mechanism in the liquid-solid system are remarked. The problems and the prospects in the selection of catalytic system, the improvement of catalysts and the elimination of coking of catalysts are commented.



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