2018年4月5日,德国粘土矿物学家和化学化工专家Prof. Josef Breu访问了青阳非金属矿研究院联合研究开发中心,开展有关合成矿物化学化工、矿物功能材料等科技领域的讲学、交流和合作。Prof. Josef Breu在研究院联合研究开发中心作了题为“Synthetic Clay Minerals: Materials Chemistry in Two Dimensions”学术报告(具体内容如下),Prof. Josef Breu的报告持续了近两小时。报告期间和会后,Prof. Josef Breu热情和详细地回答了研究院联合研究开发中心研究人员提出的一些的基础科学和技术问题。Prof. Josef Breu和研究院联合研究开发中心就共同的研究领域作了深入交流。听取了研究院的工作介绍后,Prof. Josef Breu对非金属矿研究院的公益科技工作表示了赞赏,欣然地接受邀请担任研究院的国际科技顾问委员会委员,现场接受了研究院颁发的聘书,并表示和青阳非金属矿研究院及其联合研究开发中心进一步合作,支持研究院的科研工作, 共同发展绿色矿山、矿物新材料科学,促进非金属矿的生态环境友好型地、可持续性的发展和国际间的交流合作。




Title: Synthetic Clay Minerals: Materials Chemistry in Two Dimensions

Speaker: Prof. Josef Breu


Affiliations:  Department of Chemistry and Bavarian Polymer Institute,University of Bayreuth (Germany)

Time: 16.:00-17:30 pm
Date: Thursday, 5th, April, 2018
Location: Level 3, Meeting Room, Chemical Building,ZJUT  


The intrinsically anisotropic bonding in layered silicates enables spontaneous delamination by osmotic swelling, where continuum electrostatic repulsion separates stacks into individual layers with high precision producing highly ordered lamellar liquid crystalline phases.This requires, however, a homogenous charge density only found with clays synthesized from the melt at temperatures above 1000 K. Utterly controlling homogeneity and thus intracrystalline reactivity, moreover, allows for synthesis of regular heterostructures that may be delaminated into double stacks with any kind of functional molecules sandwhiched between two clay layers. This way emitters may e.g. be oriented in a quasi-epitaxial wayallowing for polarized emission or the heterostacks may be turned into Janus platelets. By pillaring microporous organically pillared silicates (MOPS) are obtained that may be used for gas separation and enantiodiscrimination.These “second generation” layered silicate with aspect ratios of up to 20000 and lateral diameters larger than 2 μm allow for a further quantum leap in relevant material properties when used as fillers in polymer nanocomposites, for instance as ultra-high barriers needed in optoelectronic devices.


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