刚刚(Date: 2019-11-07 00:01:36:国外教授向2019青阳论坛会务团队发来正式签名感谢函

"thank you again for all of your efforts to organise ISNSC11 + WFIM-3 and the Satellite Workshop. I have attached a formal thank you letter in case it is useful for you."

The following text is copied from the "
formal thank you letter"

Dear ...,
I am writing to congratulate you and your team for your success at organising the recent 11th International Symposium on Nano and Supramolecular Chemistry (ISNSC11) and The 3rd World Forum on Industrial Minerals (WFIM-3) in Qingyang, Chizhou, Anhui, China.
The meeting was outstanding in all aspects. The scientific program was excellent, and included many outstanding international speakers across a range of disciplines. The Rongxi Manor Hotel was a superb venue for the meeting, providing excellent facilities for lectures, excellent meals and accommodation, and an ideal environment for attendees to interact each evening after formal conference activities concluded. Through this meeting I have formed many new contacts and established new relationships with potential collaborators.
It was also a pleasure to meet so many students at the meeting. I was both surprised and pleased that students participated so strongly in the meeting. As a judge of the poster session, I was able to talk in detail with many of the students about their work. I was impressed at how confidently and capably the students were able to present their work in lectures and posters and have interesting discussions with the more senior researchers in attendance.
Finally, I appreciate your efforts to organise efficient pickup and transport of attendees from Chizhou Station to the meeting venue, and to organise activities for accompanying persons. My wife and other accompanying persons very much enjoyed being able to see some of the beautiful sights in the Chizhou area while the rest of us were enjoying the conference. Your efforts and those of your many student helpers made everything easy for us.
Thank you for a wonderful meeting.
Yours sincerely,


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ISNSC-11/ WFIM-3会议论坛    名誉主席 萨里大学校长 逯高清 教授  国际纳米材料化学家   开幕式上的致辞
第三届非金属矿科技和产业论坛  主席  何宏平 研究员、博士生导师 (中国科学院广州地球化学研究所党委书记、副所长)   开幕式上的发言
第十一届国际纳米和超分子化学会议  主席 /第三届非金属矿科技和产业论坛  共同主席 青阳非金属矿研究院 院长 周春晖      开幕式上的发言
ISNSC-11/ WFIM-3会议论坛    名誉主席 悉尼大学教授 L.F. Lindoy 在 青阳论坛闭幕式 上 作  总结发言

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