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     1     Our peer review system is quick but does not compromise on quality;
     2     We operate at the highest production standards;
     3     Our journal is included in all major indices including Clarivate’s Web of Science and Scopus.
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        Clay Minerals is the journal of the European Clay Group Association (ECGA) and has 75 years of tradition (it was the first clay journal to appear, in 1947)
     6    Our journal has ‘Read and Publish deals with almost 3000 institutes worldwide.
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Manning, D. (2022). Mineral stabilities in soils: How minerals can feed the world and mitigate climate change. Clay Minerals, 57(1), 31-40. doi:10.1180/clm.2022.17
Yu, M., Tariq, S., & Yang, H. (2022). Engineering clay minerals to manage the functions of soils. Clay Minerals, 57(1), 51-69. doi:10.1180/clm.2022.19
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Kogure, T. (2020). Visualization of clay minerals at the atomic scale. Clay Minerals, 55(3), 203-218. doi:10.1180/clm.2020.27
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