大会报告1: 意大利 科学家 Giuseppe Falini教授(the University of Bologna)     
Bio-inspired and Bionic synthesis of hybrid calcite structures 杂化结构的碳酸钙的仿生合成


Title: Bio-inspired and Bionic synthesis of hybrid calcite structures
Brief CV: Prof. Giuseppe Falini (GF), PhD in Chemistry, is full professor in chemistry at the University of Bologna. GF teaches general and inorganic chemistry and solid-state chemistry at the University of Bologna. He has been advisor of Master and PhD theses of several students and currently is advisor of five master students and three PhD students. Currently, the research activity of GF is mainly addressed in the fields of biomineralization and macromolecular crystallography. It can be summarized in the following subjects: the study of the crystalline structure using X-ray crystallography of biological macromolecules and minerals involved in the biomineralization processes of calcium carbonate; the design and preparation of innovative materials from waste marine biominerals and biopolymers. GF guides the biomineralization and biocrystallization laboratory. GF is co-author of about 230 scientific publications (H-index = 44) in international journals (two in Science) with impact factor. GF also wrote 5 book chapters and is inventor of 3 patents. GF has been invited to present his research activities in more than fifty international and national conferences and schools. GF has been awarded from national institutions, companies and European Community (ERC Adv).


Clean and Efficient Surface Functionalization of Nano-Calcite and Chain Products 纳米碳酸钙表面功能化及产品链


矿物学家     徐惠芳 教授(美国威斯康辛大学-麦迪逊分校( University of Wisconsin, Madison)地球科学系     
题目:Formation of sedimentary magnesite and dolomite through dis-equilibrium geochemical process and catalysis  通过非平衡地球化学过程和催化作用形成的沉积型菱镁矿和白云石 

徐惠芳, 教授,矿物学家, 美国威斯康辛大学-麦迪逊分校( University of Wisconsin, Madison)地球科学系,国籍 美国, 护照号 483398214
题目:Formation of sedimentary magnesite and dolomite through dis-equilibrium geochemical process and catalysis


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