悉尼大学教授L.F. Lindoy在2019青阳论坛闭幕式上作总结发言

悉尼大学教授L.F. Lindoy



悉尼大学教授L.F. Lindoy在2019青阳论坛闭幕式上作总结发言
(图:2019年10月14日下午,闭幕式上  会议名誉主席、 悉尼大学资深教授Leonard F. Lindoy对会议情况作总结发言)

(注:以下文字稿根据现场录音整理,然后经过致辞人Professor Leonard F. Lindoy核对编辑和授权发布。)

Remarks at the Closing Ceremony of the 11th International Symposium on Nano & Supramolecular Chemistry (ISNSC-11) and the 3rd World Forum on Industrial Minerals (WFIM-3)
Professor Leonard F. Lindoy
School of Chemistry, University of Sydney, Australia
Honorary Chair of ISNSC-11 & WFIM-3
Qingyang, Anhui, China
Evening, October 14, 2019


Thank you very much. It is really my great pleasure to be given this opportunity to a say few words about what has happened in the past couple of days here in this a wonderful area of the country. I must thank particularly Professor Zhou Chun Hui and Professor Yang Kim for the remarkable job they have done, it is truly remarkable. I have run two conferences a long time ago and I know what is involved. I have seen the organization here, it is fantastic. Everything happens and that does not occur by accident, it reflects long hours of work in advance and thinking about what is appropriate.
I want to say something about science. I found the science presented here remarkably broad and of high quality and that is not surprising of course. Science is both cumulative and international. So, if you think of science it goes in one direction, we build upon what is from before to some degree, and it goes sideways because we collaborate and share our results internationally.
Think about what this conference is doing, you are all sitting here meeting people, virtually everyone is a scientist, or training to be a scientist.  You are, and have been, exchanging scientific information, you are making a contribution which will extend into the future. That is in the way that science works and you know that this country, China, two or three thousand years ago was doing just that before many other parts of the world. This is still happening, but it has been multiplied millions of times, but it’s the same.
I think scientists are special, we have a special bond with other scientists. Maybe artists and musicians also have this but scientists certainly do. You are now likely sitting alongside scientists from various parts of the world and suggest that you can feel that bond, you can feel that bond because you are a scientist. If this was a banker’s conference I suggest that you would not feel the same.
So that is something particularly young people need to know - that there is a sociology in science which they are being led into and which will stay with them throughout their career and in my case throughout my life. I have been in many countries, including away from the main centres, and I have never had a problem whenever I go relating to scientists.
The other thing I want to say, associated with that is, that we are competitive but we are not nasty. This is another characteristic of scientists. We are able to readily associate with and feel friendly to other scientists around the world no matter what their religion, ethnic background and other beliefs are.
I want to add my personal thanks to everyone, all of you have contributed to the success of this conference. I thank Prof Zhou Chun Hui and Prof Yang Kim again. I will remember this conference as a remarkable experience. Thank you very much!!!




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