国际矿物学家J. Keeling在2018青阳论坛闭幕式上作总结发言

国际矿物学家J. Keeling



Remarks at the Closing Ceremony of the 2rd World Forum on Industrial Minerals (WFIM-2)
 John Keeling 

Geological Survey of South Australia
Department for Energy and Mining, Australia

Qingyang, Anhui, China
Evening, October 21, 2018

Firstly, thank you to the organizers of World Forum on Industrial Minerals for the invitation to attend this 2nd congress in Qingyang. There are few conferences in the World that focus on research involving industrial minerals and their role in contributing to a sustainable environment. That is what makes this forum unique. Much still needs to be understood about the properties and variability of common natural minerals and how these can be used or modified to benefit society and to improve the environment.
In this regard I am encouraged by the many projects that continue to examine improvements in mineral modification for adsorption and removal of industrial toxins that find their way into groundwater and surface waterways either through accident or neglect. I note some investigations that bring together medical science and mineralogy with the objective of understanding more fully the interactions between biological cells and minerals, particularly mineral fibres. With the exciting developments in the preparation of new nanomaterials we need to better understand these interactions in order to fully evaluate and quantify the risks and benefits these new materials may create. Such studies begin with understanding of the materials and their chemical activity. This requires collaboration across scientific disciplines with access to appropriate equipment and techniques for analysis. I see many of these skills and collaborations on display by presenters at this conference.
I have a personal interest in ongoing work in developments with halloysite and with palygorskite, including the plentiful mixed resources of fine-grained dolomite and palygorskite. The research is exciting and new markets will surely be further developed for these unique natural materials. Some of the best science in this field is being done today in China.
Again I thank the organisers and helpers for their dedicated work in making this conference a successful and stimulating event. I wish you every success with future events.

John Keeling
Program Coordinator Mineral System Footprints

Geological Survey of South Australia

Department for Energy and Mining

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