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EUROCLAY 2023 | The International Conference of the European Clay Group Association.


With characteristic physical and chemical properties, combination of clay minerals and polymer/metal to form composites offers clay minerals a wider range of applications, such combination can be made by intercalation, pillaring, inclusion and encapsulation and hierarchical assembly. Especially, the size of metal and polymer components on the nanometer scale can be confined to the nanospace in the structure of layered clay minerals or in the structure of house-of-cards of exfoliated clay nanolayers. Such composites have continuously attracted considerable interest due to their unique properties and their applications in various fields such as drug delivery systems,biosensors, catalysts, nanocomposites, agriculture, environment, and so on. In this session we welcome contributions on new methods, strategies for the synthesis of new clay/polymer/metal nanoparticles, as well studies on the properties and applications of novel clay/polymer/metal composites.

Ambra M. Fiore | Polytechnic university of Bari | Italy |

Chun Hui Zhou | Zhejiang University of Technology | China |

PS: For your information. EUROCLAY 2023 | The International Conference of the European Clay Group Association. 
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