Scientific Program

PL: 40 min
IL: 15 min (including Q&A time)

Please download the PDF file or see picture below for scientific program around in September 2019

(1) Please all attendees abide by the regulations and rules of the meeting for the activities. If there is any question, please contact the meeting organizers. 请所有的参会人员在会议期间遵守会议规则。如果有任何问题,请及时联系工作人员。
(2) Only documents related to the meeting are allowed to distribute among attendees.未经会务组许可,不得在会议上发放任何材料或广告。未注册的人员,禁止进入会场。
(3) Please all attendees pay attention to safety and local traffic rules. 请各位参会者了解当地的交通规则,出行注意安全。
(4) If you need any assistance, please contact the meeting organizers timely.如果您需要任何帮助,请及时的联系工作人员。
(5) Please switch off your phone or turn your phone into silent mode in the meeting room when the session is ongoing.请参会人员在开会期间把手机关机或调成静音模式。
(6) Each speaker is requested to follow the time limit strictly and to be at the session room at least 15 minutes before the session starts to meet the chair, copy the files, and familiarize yourself with the technical and other equipment. Using your own laptop for presentation is NOT possible. 请各位报告人提前15分钟到达会场并拷贝文件到会务组安排的电脑中。 请各报告人严格按分配的时间来控制报告长度。
(7) Please fix your poster on Oct 12, 2019 on the poster panel marked with your poster number. 请在报到后即将墙报贴在指定的位置。
(8) As lots of work for organizing the meeting and sth possibly is improperly set or mistakes might exsit. please feel free to contact us and your kind understanding is highly appreaciated.
若有安排不周到, 请给予谅解.感谢您的支持和参与。



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