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Call for Abstracts | Start: Dec 1 2018 | | Deadline: 15 June 2019; Extended to June 30 2019 

As some scientists asked: 'Please let me know if there is the possibility to submit the abstract with some delay.'

The program of the meeting will include the following topics and promote innovations and breakthroughs by multidisciplinary interactions :

Session 1: Supramolecular Chemistry;   Supramolecular Materials & Applications; Natural  Supramolecular Products

Session 2:

(S2.1) Nano-Chemistry; Nanoporous Materials & Nanosheets;   Nano-Catalysis;  Battery & Energy Nanomaterials;  
(S2.2) Nanobiomedicine;  Nanotechnology in Soil & Environment; Nanotechnology in Agriculture & Forestry

Session 3: Nano-minerals Science & Engineering, Nanogeoscience;  Supramolecular Assembly of Nano-minerals & Related Hybrids & Composites (including Eco-friendly Mineral Nanomaterials; Functional Mineral/Polymer Nanocomposites & Biomass/Mineral Nanocomposites)

Session 4:  This parallel session is specially designed for Students who eagerly apply for oral presentation. The topic of the work which is focused on or relevant to S1-S3 above is acceptable. Please make sure the student will definitely attend the meeting and make the presentation then. Awards to the students will be set and selected for best research work/presenters.

Session 5 (=Poster Session):For those who merely want to give a Poster, the abstracts should all be submitted to S5 and mention it as 'poster' in the doc file name.

December 1, 2018 – June 15, 2019 (Deadline);
 Extended to June 30 2019 
Before June 30, 2019

Abstract submission
Please read  
and  adhere to the guidlines carefully.

1) Please download   HERE

The Template of the Abstract

2)Abstract submission
The abstract submission for the conference is solely possible via email:

3) File name: Session#-Your full name-country-university-preferred type of presentation-paper title 
(or 3-5 keywords in the title)-submission date.doc
                 S1-Tom Smith-USA-NW Uni-oral-paper title (or 3-5 keywords in the title)-2019May18.doc

S5-John Brown-France-Uni de Pol-poster-paper title (or 3-5 keywords in the title)-2019May19.doc

4) Notification of Acceptance: The notification of acceptance (as oral or poster presentation) will be sent to the corresponding authors before  June 25, 2019.

After the date, if you have not received the notification, please contact us via email at
5) The abstracts must be submitted in English language only.
Presentation Preference. Authors must indicate their preferred type of presentation.Please note that the final decision on the presentation format will be made by the Scientific Committee..
7) The length on the abstract may not exceed 2 pages (including Figures, Tables, References, and Acknowledgements)
8) Please ensure complete listing and correct order of all (co-) authors, correct formatting and grammar.
9) Accepted abstracts will be published as they have been submitted. Changes are not possible anymore after the submission deadline.
10) Please use only generally known abbreviations or, in other cases, explain the word in brackets.Please do not use any abbreviations in the title.
11) Please note that only accepted abstracts from registered participants who paid the registration fees in full will be included in formal Abstarct Book.
12) In general, the main author should also be the presenting author at the conference.
13) Topics for submission: The scientific program will be organised in lecture and poster parallel sessions,please see above: Sessions
14)Modification of submitted abstracts. Please note that changes are only possible until 30 June 2019.
15) Publication in the abstract book. Please note that only accepted abstracts from participants who registered and paid the registration fee in full within the given deadline will be published in the Abstract Book.
16) In case of any questions,please do not hesitate to contact the conference secretariat via email:

You can find your Abstract No. here (Important! please read and check it to see if your submitted abstract is in the list)

List of received/accepted abstracts

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